Synthetic Stone Features

Synthetic stone is concrete where the aggregate is exposed to make it look similar to natural stone, i.e. instead of having a lintel carved from a block of granite, it can be made by one of our skilled craftsmen as synthetic stone.

By using synthetic stone many everyday building components can be transformed from being merely practical to being also decorative and outstanding. Components such as window sills and lintels can make your home or building more attractive and individual.

Synthetic stone can be used as little or as much as you want on your property from only having the window sills to including lintels, quoins, pillars, spurstones and tabling - you can even have the coping on your garden walls to match your home. More specialised products can also be made on a "one-off" basis such as recessed arch lintels (ideal for garage doors where you can have a square opening), window mullions and false windows/gable features - products which can give a property a more traditional look.

Another advantage of synthetic stone is that, because the surface is predominantly made of natural aggregate, it has a more durable finish which won't fade as smooth concrete products would and it is easily cleaned therefore maintaining its beauty for many years to come.

You can see synthetic stone built as part of our main office at our display area.