Specialist Sands and Growing Mediums

Lovie, a family-owned company with a total commitment to quality and service have, since 1990, been developing and perfecting a range of specialist products for use in the construction and maintenance of sports fields and golf courses.

Major capital investment in plant and machinery ensures that specially selected materials from our own quarries are processed to meet the very demanding standards of the industry.

Quality Assured

The USGA guidelines have been developed after many years of scientific and practical research and are now the favoured option of agronomists and golf course designers around the world.

Lovie produce a range of materials which meet these specifications.

Products which comply with USGA guidelines are designed to drain well, remain well aerated and to resist compaction. This ensures consistent performance and playing characteristics on surfaces which are well managed.

Constant monitoring in our on-site laboratory as well as regular testing at the one and only USGA approved testing facility in Europe, ensures the consistent quality and composition of the product.


Why Choose Lovie Specialist Sands?

  • Rigorous production standards to meet the demands of USGA guidelines.
  • Constant monitoring of quality.
  • Extensive deposits of raw materials to ensure long-term supply of the products.
  • Dried and heat treated top dressing and sands compatible with the rootzone.

Uniform Sands are designed to have a high percolation rate and resistance to compaction. These materials are suitable for the improvement of ground which suffers from water retention. It is recommended that you consult your agronomist on their use.

Products at a Glance

  • Drainage Stone 10mm, 14mm, 20mm & 40mm
  • Grit 4mm - 6mm
  • Grit 2mm - 4mm
  • Playing Field Sand
  • Uniform Sand
  • Rootzone Mix
  • Divot Mix
  • Screened Topsoil
  • Super Green
  • Equestrian Sand

Many other quarry products such as hardcore, Type 1 sub-base and dust for roads, paths and car parks.

Sands and gravels in any size.

Equestrian Sand

We have increased our range of specialist sands to include an equestrian sand suitable for riding arenas. This sand is washed and graded to produce a particle size that drains freely yet retains sufficient moisture to allow a certain degree of binding to prevent the horse from ‘riding deep’ into the surface. This sand can be used on its own, mixed with fibre or add a ‘topping’ to suit each individual’s needs.

It is worth noting that the first step to constructing your riding arena is to ensure a good drainage layer and proper membranes are used to prevent flooding and minimise freezing.