Precast Concrete Products

With over 130 different concrete products kept in stock, Lovie have everything you could possibly need for your building and gardening requirements. Obviously, there are too many items to list so, if you don't see exactly what you are looking for, please contact us as we may be able to make it to suit your requirements on a "one-off" basis.

Dense Concrete Lintels

100mm x 215mm and 140mm x 215mm lintels are kept in-stock in a range of lengths. Longer lintels 300mm high are also available ex-stock. In addition to our stock range of lintels we are also able to manufacture to individual customer specifications or design on a one-off basis.

Prestressed Lintels

Lovie now stock an extensive range of Prestressed Lintels including 100mm x 65mm, 100mm x 145mm Universal (which can be used either 100mm or 140mm wide) and 100mm x 140mm Hi-Strength (which can only be used as a 100mm wide Lintel. All these Lintels are kept in a variety of lengths.

Window Sills

Available 200mm wide (to suit timber-frame houses or 140mm blockwork) and 285mm wide (to suit cavity walls or 215mm blockwork). Both sizes are available in a range of lengths.

Concrete Blocks and Bricks

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Lo-Co Blocks™

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Concrete Pipes, Manhole Rings and Cover Slabs

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Manhole Cover Slabs

Standard sizes include 600mm x 900mm x 75mm, 600mm x 900mm x 100mm (complete with lifting handles) and 600mm x 1200mm x 100mm (complete with lifting handles). Other sizes available on request.

Concrete Screedrails

These are used to form bays when laying areas of concrete. Screedrails are left in-situ, therefore reduce time and effort needed to remove and clean traditional screed forms. Available in 3.9m lengths and 100mm high.


Solid Steps with a profile 300mm tread and 150mm rise. Standard lengths include 0.9m, 1m, 1.2m, 1.5m and 1.8m (non-standard lengths available on request).

Wall Coping

Available to suit 100mm, 140mm or 215mm blockwork in either once or twice weathered form (pointed or sloped one-way). All coping are 900mm lengths.

Pillar Finals

Pillar Finals are manufactured 310mm x 310mm, 420mm x 420mm and 525mm x 525mm and are all 4-way weathered (pointed).

Garden Edging

180mm x 50mm half-round top, 200mm x 50mm half-round top, 175mm x 50mm full round top and 185mm x 100mm chamfered drive kerbs are all available plain grey in 900mm lengths. Rope top edgings in 600mm lengths are also available. To further compliment your rope top edging are curved rope top (to form 1.5m diameter circle) and corner pillars.

Concrete Paving Slabs

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Rotunda Circular Paving

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Synthetic Stone Features

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