GlenPave™ is our largest range consisting of riven faced - sandstone effect - slabs and exposed aggregate slabs - where the face is predominantly natural stone which can be granite, marble, quartz or a blend of gravels.


One of the many advantages of exposed aggregate slabs is the fact they are anti-slip and are therefore ideal for slopes and gradients where steps are not feasible. Also, as the surface of these slabs is made up of mainly natural stone, they should not fade or discolour, making them as attractive as the day they were laid for many years to come.

An important note about colour reproduction.

Every care has been taken to ensure that the images have been calibrated as closely as possible to the real product. However, it is important to point out that the factory settings of monitors can differ significantly. Therefore, to avoid disappointment we suggest that you contact us to obtain a sample or visit our display area before making your purchase.