Decorative Paving Slabs

Lovie have been producing high quality paving slabs for over thirty years. This has grown into an extensive range of paving slabs which can help transform any garden to make it look both outstanding and unique.


Our GlenPave™ Slabs are all hydraulically pressed, 500mm x 500mm x 50mm and weigh approximately 30kg each. This makes them widely considered an optimum size for placing as they are not too heavy whilst still achieving maximum coverage for your labour. Also, because our slabs are hydraulically pressed, they are suitable for driving on with your car enabling you to incorporate your driveway within your garden design.


In addition to our ‘GlenPave™’ range we also have ‘NaturalPave™’ – a range of beautiful natural stone paving available in a range of finishes and sizes.


Rotunda™ is a riven faced circular paving system designed primarily for laying circles but can also be laid in single diameter circles around trees, lamposts and small bedding areas.

Alternatively, it can be laid as a winding path or even as a semi-circular step with each increment of the circle stepping down.

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