Lo-Co Blocks™

Lo-Co Blocks are the interlocking block system from Lovie Quarry & Concrete Products. Their dowel and recess design allows them to be dry built, enabling quick and easy construction, yet maintain the ability to be relocated and rebuilt many times over, making them suitable for permanent and temporary installations.

There are two standard systems:-

1. Lo-Co Block Standard - these are available in two sizes:-

  1. Double block - 1200mm x 600mm x 600mm (approx. 960kg)

  2. Single block - 600mm x 600mm x 600mm (approx. 480kg)

The Lo-Co Block Standard are lifted by a built-in lifting bar which accommodates a standard forklift fork and are therefore a one-man operation when building.
The second system is:-

2. Lo-Co Block Mega - these are available in three sizes:-

  1. Whole block - 1600mm x 800mm x 800mm (approx. 2.3 tonnes)

  2. ¾ block - 1200mm x 800mm x 800mm (approx. 1.7 tonnes)

  3. ½ block - 800mm x 800mm x 800mm (approx. 1.2 tonnes)

Flat Top Mega Lo-Co Blocks to finish your wall, are also available.

The Lo-Co Block Mega are lifted by a central lifting pin to which a lifting clutch is attached and lifted with a chain (lifting clutches are available to purchase from ourselves).

Some of the extensive applications for which these blocks have been used are storage bays for aggregates, grain, scrap, etc., ballast weights for scaffolding, walls, river bank protection, temporary buildings, retaining walls, etc.

Lo-Co Blocks™ - The perfect solution for easy, rapid and solid construction …