Concrete Blocks & Bricks

Lovie have been producing dense concrete blocks at our purpose built factory for over 70 years. Our range of blocks and bricks has grown to become one of the most comprehensive in the North East of Scotland.
Our two most popular sizes of blocks - 100mm x 215mm x 440mm and 140mm x 215mm x 440mm - are available, ex-stock, in two strengths - 7N/mm2 and 10.5N/mm2 - although other strengths can be made to suit your requirements.

As well as our standard finish, these blocks are also available in a Paint Grade finish.

In order to reduce the weight of 140mm wide blocks Lovie also manufacture blocks 140mm x 215mm x 290mm. Because of the shorter length this takes the weight per block below 20kg each. The lightweight 140mm blocks are available in 7N/mm2 and 10.5N/mm2 strength as well as standard and paint grade finish.

In addition to our range, we also manufacture Foundation Blocks - 300mm x 100mm x 350mm.

Finally, to compliment our range, we also manufacture a Common Brick - 100mm x 65mm x 215mm.

Large stocks of all the above products are available and, as with all our products, delivery using our own fleet of lorries, with or without off-loading facilities, can easily be arranged.